Why does PixWizard take over opening .jpg files?

On Windows 95/98/NT/2K/XP, it is standard for a program to "take over" the file formats it knows how to handle. Other applications like MS Internet Explorer and Adobe Photoshop do the same thing. There are two ways to fix this "problem":
  1. Reinstall your application that you used to open .jpg files with. This will let that application "take over" those image types again.
  2. Re-associate all the file types with your preferred program by:
    1. Open My Computer from the desktop
    2. Select View/Options from the menu
    3. Select the File Types tab
    4. Locate PixWizard Image or JPEG File in the file types list
    5. Click on the Remove button
    6. Open the Windows Explorer and find a .jpg image file
    7. Double-click on the .jpg file; you will be asked to select a program with which to open these files
    8. Select one of the displayed programs or use the Browse button to locate the program you wish to open .jpg files with

In PixWizard 1.1 and above, an option is presented in the install program so you get to choose whether you want PixWizard to "take over" these file types. If you want to restore any file types that PixWizard has taken over, you have to uninstall PixWizard; do not reinstall PixWizard before you do the uninstall because this will overwrite the old file format associations which were saved when PixWizard was first installed.

Last Modified 09/16/2002 04:22 AM